I'm Allison, the founder of Rook Design Co. I'm a Texas native, but don't let that fool you. I have no southern accent and rarely eat red meat. You can typically find me listening to CPR, running at Cheesman Park or pounding coffee as a result of my two kiddos. Excercise keeps me sane and Designing keeps me inspired. 

You may be wondering about the name "Rook." I was struggling to come up with a short, snappy phrase that encapsulated me and my style. To me, graphic design is a visual puzzle to solve. You give me words and pictures, and I have to fit them nicely into a defined space. My husband commented how it was similar to a game of chess, and the name Rook was born. Not too mention, it has attractive letter forms, an added bonus for a designer. 


The Experience

I have a Bachelors Degree in Communication Design and a Masters of the Arts in Visual Culture. I spent 10 years working as an in-house designer at various companies. My experience ranges from Health Care Marketing to eCommerce UX Design. I pride myself on the ability to consistently provide clean, thoughtful and unique designs while meeting objectives first. I'm pretty fast with a Mac too.

The Process

Please get in touch to discuss a new project. Our initial DIALOGUE (whether in person, or electronically) will be spent discussing your thoughts, style and objectives for the project. I will then brainstorm, mind-map and SKETCH my way to a solution. I will PROPOSE (not marriage) but color palettes, fonts and layouts to solve your design dilemma.

From there we can REFINE the layout to hone in on your vision. Once we have a winning design, I will DELIVER the final product.