Honoring Etsy... my pilgrimage.

Having an Etsy shop feels like I am part of a huge family. A family that is international, tech-savvy and can paint, knit or sew the pants off of any other family.  

It has been such a great experience to build a business inside of this encouraging platform. My husband and I were recently in New York to celebrate my sister's elopement, and I had to stop by the Etsy office just to pay homage. Their office is located right near the Brooklyn Bridge in the trendy DUMBO area. (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass). It took pretty much everything I had not to stop anyone on the street with an Etsy badge to shake their hand and say 'thanks.'

Thanks for running this amazing company that allows people like me to quit their jobs and work in the their pajamas and be a part of so many people's lives. 



If I wasn't riding enough of an Etsy cloud, I received a lovely email from the fine folks at The Petite Package to inform me I was recently featured on their blog. The gathered a bunch of their favorite monogram sellers on Etsy and my monogram koozies were featured! One big family I tell you.