Master Bedroom makeover(ish)

In our 114 year old house we are blessed with beautiful crown molding and turn of the century stained glass. We are NOT however, blessed with a master suite. We commandeered the largest bedroom in the house as our master, and have since been tweaking the layout. We started by expanding the master closest and getting a king size bed. Hallelujah thank you jesus I don't know how 2 people and a dog sleep in anything smaller. It is a marriage saver.

Anywho, the master bedroom always seems to be the last place to be touched. So I took to Pinterest for inspiration. I came across the talented Katie Hodges Design and fell in love with this laid back Master Bedroom:


I love the bold antique rug and shibori textiles. Navy is my jam and I have that color throughout my home, so it is only natural I brought it in to the bedroom. Wanting to replicate this look on a budget, I thought the easiest place to find pillows would be Etsy. And while I found a ton of options, I kept thinking how easy it would be to make my own. You can see the pricing below, most were $75 for a 22" pillow. And I wanted big ole Euro sized pillows, so it would have been closer to $125 per pillow. 


I hunted around the interwebs to try and source my own shibori fabric. I wasn't too successful, but I came across this table throw (what the heck is a table throw?) from Pottery Barn for $99. It was the perfect size at 50x50" for me to make at least 3 Euro sized pillows. Combined with a 15% off coupon it made each pillow so affordable. And because I can't help myself, I put together a mood board for the room:


1. Woven Bench // 2. Pale Pink Pillow // 3. Shibori Blue 20x20" pillow // 4. Mudcloth Sienna pillow // 5. Rug // 6. Buffalo print

The pillows really seal the deal for this boho look. The pale pink velvet ones are from H&M for $5, a steal. If you haven't checked out's Home Section, it is some really great stuff on the cheap. That way I don't feel so guilty if in 5 years I am over the style a bit. 

Now that I had a plan, I had to convince the hubs. So I did a quick Photoshop to show him what all the elements looked like together. Mostly because I am incredibly indecisive and am a slave to seeing what the items actually look like in the space. A blessing and a curse these Photoshop skills of mine! 


So while I'm only 50% done getting the items purchased and getting art on the walls, we're making progress! I'm pretty happy with the rug because it was so so inexpensive. This room just has weird dimensions, so any rug was going to be a bit awkward in this space. I need a few more pillows, the bench and some art. Would love to incorporate a cactus or two as well.


The bedside lamps are still a big question mark. Because we have those unique corner windows the headboard sits in front of one of them and for some I know that is totally awkward, but it just doesn't bother me in this space. Especially since the room feels so much bigger with the bed on that wall. Ugh, and roman shades.... it never ends! But that is the fun part... right? Right.