Top 8 goals for 2018


So I realize I am a little late to the game here, it being the last day in January of twenty-eighteen. But I still wanted to do a run down of my goals for the year. Both professionally and personally. First things first:

1. Website Refresh.
I've been working with this current template for about 3 years now. In website years that makes this site like, 27 years old. I set aside some time to tinker with it, but I don't seem to be making much headway. Probably time to follow my own advice and outsource this piece. I'm cooking up how I want my new site to function, but look forward to more eCommerce, freebies and finished projects!

2. Participate in 2 styled shoots.
Styled shoots are a great way for me to showcase all the bells and whistles available for a wedding suite. It's also a great networking tool to work with other professionals in the industry. 

Allison 15_Small.jpg

Bells & Whistles

This could be your wedding invite! 

3. Network like a mo-fo. 
While on the subject of networking, I want to create some media kits and start pimping my services out to local wedding planners and Denver venues. Since goals need to be specific, lets target 5 planners and 5 venues as a starting point. 

4. Add more downloadable content to my shop.
This one is slightly selfish. By adding more finished "download now" artwork to the site, customers can serve themselves without me needing to edit a template. Win-win!