toddler boy outfits

Easter Outfit Ideas for our little man

Egggssscccited for Easter on Sunday! My Mom recently joined a church choir (how cute is that) so we are meeting her for mass on Sunday at the Denver Basilica, and then having some friends over for an Easter lunch! On the menu, Pioneer Woman's Easter Ham, deviled eggs, mac and cheese, potato casserole, mixed green salad and another vegetable TBD. Oh yea, and cupcakes, looooots of cupcakes for this preggo. 

I'm mostly excited to dress up our little man in the most prep-tastic outfit you can imagine. I really do love seersucker and a toddler in a bowtie is too much to handle. I (hastily) ordered some adorable seersucker overalls with suspenders, but I'm worried they won't arrive in time. I do have these pieces which little man will be sporting: 

The (wrinkled) pink oxford is from H&M, the bowtie was a shower gift and the rabbit ears are from World Market. Here are a few other Easter outfit ideas, monogramming is the preppiest touch, I love it. Is that because I'm southern...??

1. Sleeveless overalls with monogram - Soda City Sewing on Etsy $45
2. Navy blazer and pink shorts - Janie and Jack $109
3. Chartreuse cardigan and bowtie - Sweet Little Peanut
4. Green gingham button up with pocket monogram - Alma and June $22