Brooklyn wedding + moustache koozies

Happy hump day all! Today I could really use a time machine to slow down the hours a bit. This year's time change seems to have thrown me for a loop. I am barely keeping my eyes open at 8pm and then am wired again at 11. I've just never been a morning person and this spring forward just aint helpin. In an effort to lift my spirits I did receive some gorgeous wedding photos from the talented team at Montclair Studios in NJ. 

This wedding had all the right things. Set at the Brooklyn Winery, chic fashion from the couple, eucalyptus, graffiti and moustaches. Lots of great moustaches. Enjoy the photos below and the moustache koozies are now available in my shop. 

February 2018 - burgundy and peach mood board

Holy canoli its February. Of two thousand eighteen. Does anyone else feel like we're going 100mph?? This marks the first of a monthly series of inspirational mood boards I will be putting together. February is the first one because of said universal warp speed. The hope is that these mood boards can spark some inspiration for a whole wedding suite. This is a self directed project which I hope will elicit some customers and help me push my creative rut by doing all the little extras that some brides might not have the budget to do.


Cherries // Heart Stationary // Lipstick // Tulle Skirt // Latte // Rose Petals

This mood board is basically everything I want for Valentines day. Some yummy dessert, a beautiful handwritten note, cute outfit, coffee and some flowers. Even if they are fake! Stay tuned for how I turn this inspiration board in to a full on wedding invitation. If you need some invitation inspiration, check out my Pinterest board for a great starting place! 

 Calligraphy by  Paula Lee,  gorg.

Calligraphy by Paula Lee, gorg.

 That gause-y ribbon, yummmm. Source unknown.

That gause-y ribbon, yummmm. Source unknown.

 Ummm. Yes, everything here is fabulous. Design by  Written Word Calligraphy

Ummm. Yes, everything here is fabulous. Design by Written Word Calligraphy

American Cancer Society Butterfly Ball recap

Volunteering started to become a passion of mine after my sorority in college (GoAChiO!) encouraged (aka required) us to be upstanding citizens in our community. There is no greater feeling than giving back. So after a few years In Denver, realizing that we were here to stay, I got involved with our local American Cancer Society office. They needed some marketing help with their annual gala, Champions of Hope.  I started last year with a Moulin Rouge themed ball, and this year it was all about the Butterfly. 

ACF 2017 Jane candids 1 439.JPG

When we started brainstorming this year's theme, the Committee Chair requested something bright and energetic with pops of color. I came up with a paint splatter theme to incorporate the broad color palatte requested, and still tie in to the ACS logo. 


In addition to the invitation seen above, I was asked to put together a sponsorship packet to pass out to potential donors. Included in the booklet was a fun infographic full of ACS facts which I turned in to a scientific diagram on the butterfly.


Here is a little slideshow of some candid shots from the evening. I was honored to play a part in the fight against cancer in my community!

Master Bedroom makeover(ish)

In our 114 year old house we are blessed with beautiful crown molding and turn of the century stained glass. We are NOT however, blessed with a master suite. We commandeered the largest bedroom in the house as our master, and have since been tweaking the layout. We started by expanding the master closest and getting a king size bed. Hallelujah thank you jesus I don't know how 2 people and a dog sleep in anything smaller. It is a marriage saver.

Anywho, the master bedroom always seems to be the last place to be touched. So I took to Pinterest for inspiration. I came across the talented Katie Hodges Design and fell in love with this laid back Master Bedroom:


I love the bold antique rug and shibori textiles. Navy is my jam and I have that color throughout my home, so it is only natural I brought it in to the bedroom. Wanting to replicate this look on a budget, I thought the easiest place to find pillows would be Etsy. And while I found a ton of options, I kept thinking how easy it would be to make my own. You can see the pricing below, most were $75 for a 22" pillow. And I wanted big ole Euro sized pillows, so it would have been closer to $125 per pillow. 


I hunted around the interwebs to try and source my own shibori fabric. I wasn't too successful, but I came across this table throw (what the heck is a table throw?) from Pottery Barn for $99. It was the perfect size at 50x50" for me to make at least 3 Euro sized pillows. Combined with a 15% off coupon it made each pillow so affordable. And because I can't help myself, I put together a mood board for the room:


1. Woven Bench // 2. Pale Pink Pillow // 3. Shibori Blue 20x20" pillow // 4. Mudcloth Sienna pillow // 5. Rug // 6. Buffalo print

The pillows really seal the deal for this boho look. The pale pink velvet ones are from H&M for $5, a steal. If you haven't checked out's Home Section, it is some really great stuff on the cheap. That way I don't feel so guilty if in 5 years I am over the style a bit. 

Now that I had a plan, I had to convince the hubs. So I did a quick Photoshop to show him what all the elements looked like together. Mostly because I am incredibly indecisive and am a slave to seeing what the items actually look like in the space. A blessing and a curse these Photoshop skills of mine! 


So while I'm only 50% done getting the items purchased and getting art on the walls, we're making progress! I'm pretty happy with the rug because it was so so inexpensive. This room just has weird dimensions, so any rug was going to be a bit awkward in this space. I need a few more pillows, the bench and some art. Would love to incorporate a cactus or two as well.


The bedside lamps are still a big question mark. Because we have those unique corner windows the headboard sits in front of one of them and for some I know that is totally awkward, but it just doesn't bother me in this space. Especially since the room feels so much bigger with the bed on that wall. Ugh, and roman shades.... it never ends! But that is the fun part... right? Right. 

SALE alert!! 10% off of everything this month

Every year I say I am going to knock out my Christmas shopping before December even begins. While I have a very impressive "Christmas 2017" note going on my phone, no actual purchases have been made yet. In an effort to help YOU avoid my procrastination stress, I'm offering 10% off of everything in the shop. Yup. Everything. Stamps, totes, koozies, you name it. Just use the code "GIVETHANKS" during checkout. Link to my Etsy Shop here!


I've also had a handful of fun images sent to me from happy customers lately, so I thought I would share here. Happy shopping!


New product alert - Shot Glasses!

Well helloooo! This post has been a long time coming as I have been scheming to add new products to my shop for 2 years! Koozies have been my bread and butter for the last few years, but some new items are long overdue. I've slowly been rolling out tote bags and stadium cups, two highly requested items.


And now I'm proud to present.....DRUMROLL.... Shot glasses!! The perfect pint size party favor for a wedding, bachelorette party or birthday. I also think these would be really cute as a back home reception party for anyone eloping or having a destination wedding. 

Stay tuned to the Etsy shop as I roll out these new shot glasses. If anyone has a design in mind they don't see in the shop, just shoot me a message. I love custom orders. And there is no extra charge for custom artwork. 

Many many thanks to the oh so talented Ashley Kidder Photography for her mad skills. She was able to work with all the small and large products I threw at her with ease. It was a joy to work with her and I'm so pleased with all the images she took!

Laundry Room Makeover - the plans!

While on maternity leave, I'm hoping to gently persuade (?) coerce (?) bribe (?) my husband to help me remodel our sad little laundry nook. Oddly enough, it was the very first "room" I painted after we got the keys. We had just enough leftover grey paint, so we removed the sliding doors and painted before our washer and dryer were loaded in.

Then on a shopping trip to World Market, I saw this "Self Service Laundry" sign and tacked that on the wall. I took to Pinterest to work out exactly what elements I wanted for my dream laundry nook. Can you even say "dream" if all you have is a nook? Hey, at least its better than out in our garage?? Prepare yourself for some #reallife images. 

My first major plan is to install a butcher block counter top. Not only will this save socks from disappearing on the side of the machines, but it will give the space a finished look. Next I want to install a cabinet on the left side to house cleaning essentials and to hopefully keep the counter from getting too cluttered. Yellow Brick Home has an awesome write up about installing butcher block counter tops. They almost make it look too easy....?! Speaking of their blog, they did the ultimate Laundry Room renovation, complete with some favorite egret wallpaper. Serious laundry room goals right here:

As I imagine we will be sleep deprived and half crazed to be taking on some home DIY projects, we will probably be keeping it simple. The only hiccup I can't really work out is what to do around (or over?) the outlets. Obviously they can't be permanently covered up, as much as I would like to. So maybe a fabric "curtain" to cover them up but that can be easily drawn back? Or a beadboard "wall" with maybe an access panel cut out? 

So here is a sneaky little Photoshop job of what I hope the final product will somewhat resemble. And a (ahem) laundry list of the to-dos:
1. Install butcher block
2. Intall cabinet
3. beadboard "wall" build out to cover outlets (eeks!)
4 Install hanging rod
5. Accessorize! 

New Product Alert - Cutting Boards! And a GIVEAWAY!

I am so pumped to be sharing this post today. Its my first GIVEAWAY! I have been so fortunate since launching my Etsy Shop back in 2012 that I wanted to do a little something to give back to all my great customers. This also coincides with the launch of some new products for me, these gorgeous cutting boards! 

These cutting boards make an awesome anniversary, Christmas or engagement present. I love the idea of displaying these in your kitchen as a newlywed. I seem to have a thing for cutting boards, as I literally have 5 on display in my own home.

Here's how to win a free personalized cutting board:
1. Follow me on Instagram
2. Like the cutting board photo
3. Tag 2 friends in the comments.
And just like that you are entered to win! I will select a winner at random on 7/27. Good luck!

Weekly Recap - New Baby Shower designs in the shop

Howdy and Happy Friday! Just a quick check in to recap what I've been working on this week. I'm busy wrapping up some outstanding freelance projects in the hopes I can take it easy the last week before baby girl's due date. In addition to a Golf Tournament signage package, I wrapped up this logo: 


This logo is for an apartment complex in Tampa, FL. I love the beachy elegant feel and hopefully can get my hands on some collateral for this property soon. I am also working on the invitation design for the American Cancer Society - Salt Lake City's annual gala. I shared the event logo on my Instagram here. Since we have a handful of elements to incorporate in to the invitation, I suggested a pocket folder. This blue number from should do the trick. Crossing my fingers and toes I can get the team to splurge on a custom wax seal as the envelope closure. I mean, how gorgeous are these stamps??

The last image is from's instagram page. You have to go check it out, just a gorgeous feed full of fun wedding and stationary ideas. In addition to my freelance projects I am SO excited to launch a ton of new products in my Etsy Shop. For now, here is a sneak peek of the items to come:

Also new to the shop are some additional Baby Shower designs. I've been selling a ton of these A Baby is Brewing koozies lately, so I thought I should add a few more baby themed designs to my arsenal. Have a great weekend!

Friday Freebie - Love is Brewing 8x10" sign

Gearing up for a low key weekend around here. I feel like we have been going a mile a minute, having back to back visitors and heading up to the mountains for a few days so it will be nice to get reacquainted with my couch. :)

Sadly its been a minute since I've shared any freebies, so here is a new "Love Is Brewing" 8x10" print. This can be displayed near the bar, or on a table when guests walk in instructing them to grab a favor! 

I've done 3 options for you to choose from. The white distressed background seen above. A pale pink watercolor option and a chalkboard background. Get the files here:

1. Love is Brewing - White Distressed background
2. Love is Brewing - Pink Watercolor background
3. Love is Brewing - chalkboard background

Logo work lately....

Its been a fun and challenging few weeks putting together a variety of logo designs for some corporate clients. I have been working on a majority of Apartment Complex refreshes. This first batch of logos was sent over for an upscale retail and living area in Frisco, TX. 

The clients had asked for a bold design, possibly featuring an abstract symbol or directional lines. The first 2 clearly met that objective, while the second 2 options felt very North Dallas to me. Luckily I lived in Dallas for 7 years so I am familiar with this area. Ultimately the client settled on this logo, but I still like to show the process work! 

Next up on the list was a quaint property located in Manassas, Virginia. The town center has an old town Americana vibe complete with water tower. They wanted the logo to feel historic. Here was my first stab at the marks:

I thought the first option was a home run, but the clients felt drawn to option #2. I took the time to redraw their leasing office and highlight the architectural details to make it appear like an old bungalow. So we settled on a soft color palatte as well as a black and white option:

The next property, Waterside Towers is located in D.C. The team wanted a very urban vibe to match the newly renovated business center on site. I loved the idea of using a monogram to easily recognize the building. Hopefully this "W" makes its way on to way finding signage:

This last property was a bit of a heartbreaker. Also located in DC, the client mentioned an "optical illusion" where the logo makes you look twice to decipher what is going on. I thought I had some killer options with these first comps:

Sadly, the team took one look at these and decided to go with a skyline option to really represent the apartment's location. So with a heavy heart I abandoned all the ideas above and totally switched gears to this option:

Just goes to show you that even when you think you have executed an idea perfectly, the clients are ultimately the decision makers and know their audience the best! So these rejects will forever rest here on my blog. Possibly to be recycled for a different community in the future. ;)

A New Adventure Travel themed baby shower

Is it possible to still be tired from events over the weekend on Wednesday?? I suppose when you are 8 months pregnant, the answer is yes. This past Sunday I was honored to help host a baby shower for a dear friend. I shared some inspiration pics for the baby shower a few weeks back. It was a backyard affair, complete with paper airplanes hanging from a pergola and desserts from around the world. Here is a look at the invitation I designed for our little shindig. 


Since we did desserts from around the world, I wanted to make food signs for each item. We popped them in 3x5" frames and I think they turned out so cute. I also made a matching sign for beverages. By renting white foldable chairs, we had a cute garden party vibe going, complete with small coffee tables for guests to rest their drinks on. 


And I think we had the cutest party favors in the form of little alyssum plants. The thank you tags I picked up at Michaels and taped to toothpicks. Because, ain't nobody got time to be cutting those out the day of! I'm selling the "A New Adventure" invitation design in my Etsy Shop. If you want the matching signage, just leave a comment below. 

Memorial Day Sale! $10 off any koozie or tote bag order

Happy Friday friends! I hope everyone is gearing up for a fun Memorial Day weekend. We will be sneaking off to our friend's mountain house in Como, CO. It is right near Fairplay, which boats some of the best fly fishing in the country. Not that I have held a rod in about 20 years, but my husband started fishing last year and I can tell he is excited to get outta dodge for a night.

In honor of this long weekend, I wanted to offer $10 off any koozie or tote bag order in my shop. There is a minimum order of $84 to use the discount code. A girl still has to eat!! ;) 

Gift for a Princeton Grad - custom stationary

As the busy month of May wraps up, I can't help but think of all the high school and college graduates who will be walking the stage in the next few days. I can remember my High School graduation like it was yesterday. Out of nearly 600 students, I was one of 2 kids going to Texas Tech University. It was a bit intimidating but I just had a feeling Lubbock was the right place for me and I'm so glad I listened to my gut. Flash forward 5 years later (yes, 5! I took a victory lap when I changed my major, sorry Dad.) My college graduation was a bit of a blur, I was so over school at that point and was ready to start a career and get my own pad in the big city of Dallas! 

When a very stylish Dallas Interior Designer asked me to design a custom stationary suite for her client, I thought it would be such a fun project! The client's daughter would be graduating from Princeton University and she wanted to set her up with notecards and a custom Tiger pattern to be used as an envelope liner. Since the client already had an eye for pattern and texture, we settled on a henna inspired tribal tiger. After a long day of drawing tigers, I put together this plan for the client. 


The client asked for a long rectangle notecard featuring the Tiger pattern and a small pattern design as an accent. One fun request was a custom paperweight using the Tiger pattern. I ordered the paper weight from this adorable Etsy Shop, When It Rains Paper.  The process was so easy, I'm considering getting my own Rook Design paperweight made! Here is another look at the finished paper weight. 


We used a soft cotton feel cardstock for the actual notecards. It has such a great finish that feels luxurious but still allows for even pen flow while writing a sweet note. The client seemed really happy with the final outcome, such a great custom gift for a new graduate! 

Friday Freebie - Thank you for celebrating with us signs

Happy Friday peeps! It's been a busy month celebrating my birthday, our 5th anniversary and then Mother's Day. My poor husband. We did not plan out how hectic the month of May would be for us when we were selecting a wedding date. Being 7 months pregnant this year, we kept the celebrations to a minimum, but I for one plan to blow it out next year with an epic (hopefully Caribbean) vacation. 

I'm busy putting together some props and a shot list for a big Spring product photo shoot. I've been wanting to add a variety of items to my Etsy Shop for going on 2 years now. So its about time I got my but in gear and launched a new line of goodies. Stay tuned for custom cutting boards, shot glasses and other fun favors!

For this week's Friday Freebies, I put together 3 simple 'Thank You for celebrating with us' 8 x 10" signs. These would be great at your wedding by your guest book or a basket of favors. Or you could use these signs at a shower on a table with parting gifts. 

Below is a look at each sign, which are sized to 8 x 10." Just click on the link below to download the file you would like. Then print at home or send to your local printer and pop these in a frame!

1. Thank you for celebrating - distressed white wood background
2. Thank you for celebrating - chalkboard background
3. Thank you for celebrating - pink watercolor background




Friday Freebie - safari theme party free printables

Happy Friday! This week has been a busy one. I've been working on some logos for an apartment complex in Texas see a sneak peek on my Instagram! As well as planning and designing an invitation for a baby shower I am co-hosting in June. The theme is "A New Adventure" as the mom and dad are big world travelers. (They recently moved back to Denver after living in Switzerland for 2 years). I came across this image on Pinterest, and it is definitely the vibe we are going for.

I'll share some more of that invitation once it is finalized next week. Stay tuned! For this week's Friday Freebie, I was inspired by the Safari Passport stamps I recently did for an Etsy client. I went in a slightly younger direction, gearing these printables towards the under 5 crowd. Available for download are:
1. 5" patterned circles. You can either print these out and string them up as a decorative garland, or attach letters to these to form a personalized backdrop.
2. An alphabet pennant banner. This PDF contains all 26 letters, so you can combine them to form any word or name. I think this would be cute spelling out "one" or "two" for the kiddos age, and attaching to the highchair for a great smash cake photo. 
3. Safari Animals. This file contains 4 friendly safari animals for decorations. 
4. 5x7" Food table signs. These various signs are sized to 5" x 7", so you can print them out and pop them in a frame or stanchion around the food! I even included a "welcome to the jungle" sign for your entryway. 

Here's a snapshot of everything included. Hope this comes in handy for a jungle themed birthday or baby shower!