All things green

I don't know if its the spring time weather, or all the plants at Home Depot that have me seeing green lately. One of my summer goals is to revamp our backyard. It is in desperate need of sod, outdoor furniture and general attention. I'll spare you any 'before' photos as its just too tragic right now. In more positive news, I just wrapped up a Eucalyptus theme shower invite. Is eucalyptus the hardest word to spell, or is it just me? When the client sent over her Pinterest board for some green design inspiration, I knew I was going to love working with her on this baby brunch invite. I was so inspired by her pins, I decided to put together my own eucalyptus shower inspiration for you!

And if you are interested in my eucalyptus invitation, here are some more photos. This shower is unique in that it celebrates three out of town mom's to be. So the client asked that I include an insert with registry info, and requesting that guests send items directly to the moms in their home states. Such a smart idea. I could easily see this insert as a "build baby's library" card as well.